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Huron Alfalfa Cubes


The mechanical process of making a forage cube does not change the digestibility of the forage. Therefore, the digestibility of a bale of high-quality alfalfa is the same as a cube made with the same high-quality alfalfa. When replacing long-stem baled hay with forage cubes, you would replace one pound of hay with one pound of forage cubes.

To swallow and digest a forage cube, the horse must properly chew the cube. If the cube is not properly chewed, the horse can potentially choke. Most horses will properly chew forage cubes. However, for any horse that is new or naïve to forage cubes, tends to bolt their feed, or with poor dentition, it is recommended to soak the cubes in water prior to feeding them. To properly soak forage cubes, the cubes should be totally submerged in water for approximately 30-60 minutes prior to feeding. This will soften the cubes until they dissolve into short pieces of forage fiber.

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