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Locally sourced quality feeds at an affordable price.


Introducing Red Silo Feeds: Your Trusted Source for Exceptional Value in Animal Nutrition

At Red Silo Feeds, we recognized the growing demand for a superior feed line that caters to the specific needs of our community. While there are numerous animal feed options available in the market, we felt a strong desire to provide our customers with a clean, healthy, and locally sourced alternative.


Our Commitment to Value

All our feeds are meticulously crafted with locally sourced proprietary blends and mixes. Understanding the significance of providing affordable nutrition to your animals, we ensure that our products offer you optimal value for their overall well-being.




Healthy and Affordable Feeds

We believe in making quality feeds accessible to every pet and livestock owner without straining their budget. Therefore, our feeds are priced affordably, allowing you to provide cost-effective quality nutrition for your animals without compromising on their health.


Whole Grain-Centric Blends

Red Silo Feeds prioritizes the use of whole grains in our formulations. In contrast to other feeds that may include brans, hulls, shells, or screenings, our products are thoughtfully composed to be whole grain-based. This guarantees that your animals receive the full nutritional benefits of the grains, promoting optimal digestion and overall health. The value is in the ingredients.



Experience Unrivaled Value in Feeds

Expect more than just basic nutrition with Red Silo Feeds. Our high-efficiency feeds are tailored to deliver exceptional results, offering a spectrum of benefits such as elevated energy content, enhanced metabolic conversion, improved weight gain, and heightened egg production per pound of feed. Provide your animals with the nutrition they deserve through our specially formulated feeds.  

Exclusively Found at North Haven Ag Center

Red Silo Feeds are solely available at North Haven Ag Center. Visit our store today and explore the transformative impact that Red Silo Feeds can have on the health and performance of your animals.


Choose Red Silo Feeds for Unparalleled Value Trust Red Silo Feeds to supply you with feeds that are clean, healthy, and locally sourced, offering outstanding value. Join our community of satisfied customers and witness the difference firsthand.

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