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Blue Seal Inspire Hay Stretcher


Product Description


Inspire® Hay Stretcher is a large high-fiber pellet designed to replace or supplement hay or forage. Providing consistent quality fiber from Inspire Hay Stretcher helps to support digestive function and health, especially when hay or pasture is limited or of poor quality. Inspire Hay Stretcher may be used to replace up to half the hay in the horse’s diet on a pound-for-pound basis. Inspire Hay Stretcher is not fortified with vitamins or trace minerals and should not be used to replace grain in a horse’s diet.





Features & Benefits


High Fiber


Quality fiber sources help meet the fiber requirement of horses fed a limited amount of hay or pasture or those who cannot eat a sufficient amount of forage.


Fixed Ingredient Formula


Nutritional content consistent with every bag, unlike the variability found in hay and pasture.


Balanced Calcium and Phosphorus


A correct calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is critical for maintaining proper mineral absorption and metabolism.


Large Pelleted Form


A large pellet may slow consumption and support chewing and saliva production. The large form is easy to handle and helps prevent waste.


High Palatability


Horses eat it readily.


Less Dust Than Hay


A pelleted fiber source helps to reduce dust and mold exposure.

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