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Blue Seal Inspire Min-A-Vite Lite

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Product Description – Inspire Min-A-Vite Lite


Inspire Min-A-Vite Lite is a mineral and vitamin supplement designed to balance the nutritional deficiencies of grass or mixed grass/legume hay and pasture for horses of all ages, weights, classifications and performance levels. Additionally it contains all the minerals and vitamins necessary for normal metabolism, growth, performance, reproduction and health. The addition of fiber and other low carbohydrate ingredients offers a safe and natural way to supplement a horse’s diet. Inspire Min-A-Vite Lite is an ideal feed for horses. Generally it requires minimal to no grain ration without the worry of additional weight gain.  Also it can also be fed as a supplement to any Blue Seal equine grain ration to provide additional minerals and vitamins as needed.



Features & Benefits


Concentrated Nutrition


A concentrated supplement provides essential nutrients in a lower feeding rate product for horses requiring less calories to maintain a healthy body condition or less grain ration to maintain digestive health.


Organic Trace Mineral Complexes


Organic forms of zinc, copper, manganese and selenium help ensure critical trace minerals are biologically available for maintenance, activity and reproductive performance and health.


Advanced Antioxidant Package


Antioxidant nutrients including stable vitamins and available trace minerals help support the immune system maintaining optimal health and metabolism.


Yeast Prebiotics


Yeast metabolites help sustain a healthy microbial fermentation, maintaining nutrient digestibility and overall digestive health.

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