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Blue Seal Inspire Peak Performance AMP Pelleted

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Product Description – Inspire Peak Performance


Inspire PEAK Performance Amp™ is formulated with a synergistic blend of nutrient dense calorie sources to meet the elevated energy requirements of high level equine athletes. Also ideal for horses when extra shine and condition is desired.





Features & Benefits


Essential Amino Acids


Essential amino acids ensure that quality protein is available for continuous growth and rebuilding of muscle tissue.


Synergistic Energy ↑ Fat


A synergistic blend of fat, built-in fiber and controlled starch provides a balance of energy, safely maintaining desired calorie level for optimal body condition.


Advanced Antioxidant Package


Advanced Antioxidant Package including vitamins- and complexed trace minerals supports the immune system, maintaining optimal health and metabolism.


Yeast Biotics


Yeast biotics along with a consistent ingredient formula aids in maintaining a healthy and stable digestive tract environment.


Stable Vitamins & Minerals


Stable vitamins and a precisely balanced mineral package incorporating organically bound trace mineral complexes sustains joint and bone health and strength.


Quality Protein


Quality protein, B-vitamins and organically bound trace mineral complexes help support healthy skin, hair coat and hoof condition, enhancing overall appearance.


Bio-Available Marine-Sourced Calcium


Bio-available marine-sourced calcium helps support gastric pH and health.

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