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Blue Seal Sentinel Simply Lite 50#

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Product Description


A nutrient release formula feed for adult horses requiring a restricted calorie diet or reduced feeding rate to maintain a healthy body condition. Sentinel® Simply Lite is a balanced and concentrated feed with lower fat for easy keepers, ponies and miniature horses that do not need additional calories for maintenance. This unique formula may also be fed to certain horses where maintenance of digestive and metabolic health is a challenge. An extruded feed, Sentinel Simply Lite offers a safe and natural way to provide essential nutrition that may be easily digested for optimal nutrient utilization.





Features & Benefits


gutWise™ Nutrient Release Technology


A proprietary blend of prebiotics, probiotics, marine-sourced calcium and NutriVantage® for horses helps maintain total digestive health. These components are delivered in an exclusive extruded form to help support nutrient digestibility and availability.


Stable Digestive Environment


Probiotics and prebiotics aid in maintaining digestive health and microbial fermentation for sustained nutrient digestibility, absorption and assimilation.


Gastric Balance


Bioavailable marine-sourced calcium helps support gastric pH and health.


Optimized Nutrition


NutriVantage® for horses incorporates exclusive components that may help aid in nutrient availability and maintenance of a healthy gut environment for immune support.


Limited Starch and Sugar


A low starch and sugar diet is often recommended by veterinarians and nutritionists for horses with metabolic and digestive challenges.


Healthy Rate of Intake


The light and airy nature of extruded feeds may facilitate the breakdown of feed while encouraging slow consumption and more thorough chewing for maintaining digestive health.


Nutrient Density and Release


A nutrient dense diet means more nutrition by weight, potentially delivering more of what your horse needs in less feed for ideal health and body condition.


Built-In Fiber


Fiber sources such as soybean hulls and beet pulp may help maintain healthy hind-gut fermentation.


Immune Support


Antioxidant nutrients including stable vitamins and biologically available trace minerals help maintain normal health and metabolism.


Body Tissue & Integrity


Amino acids such as lysine, methionine and threonine are important for growth and maintenance of all tissues including bone, muscle, hoof and hair.


Healthy Skin and Hair Coat


Sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids plus protein, B-vitamins and trace mineral complexes may help promote healthy skin, hair coat and hoof condition.


Joint Support


Omega-3 fatty acids, stable vitamins and balanced minerals may help maintain joint and bone health and strength.

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