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Coleman Revolution 3-Burner Grill


MAIN BURNERS: 45,000 BTU | SIDE STOVE: 13,000 BTU | 650 SQ.IN.

Challenge your grilling expectations. The Coleman Revolution 3-Burner Grill captures and removes 75% more grease with the patented Flare-Free Technology, eliminating flare-ups, hot spots and burnt or overcooked food.

Double stacked cooking grates offer double the heat retention while capturing and redirecting all fats and grease to the removable front grease cup, through the front grease channel. This grill also features a stainless-steel side burner, perfect for making sauces and side dishes outdoors. The Coleman Revolution 3-Burner Grill comes equipped with the Convertible Valve System™ making it easy to convert from propane to natural gas (Conversion kit is sold separately).

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