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M18 Packout Organizer Compact (E)

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Key Features

  • IP65 Rated Weather Seal
  • No-Travel Bins Seal Prevent Small Part Migration Between Bins
  • Clear Top For Easy Identification Of Contents
  • Integrated screw slots on the back of the bins allow them to be mounted to the wall
  • Includes 4 small and 1 large bin
  • Heavy Duty Latches
  • Reinforced Hinge
  • Exterior Dimensions – 9.8″ W x 15.2″ D x 4.6″ H
  • Interior Dimensions – 8.0″ W x 12.0″ D x 3.9″ H
  • Modular Connectivity with ALL PACKOUTâ„¢ Components

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