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Purina Strategy Healthy Edge 12/8 Textured 50#

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For Maintenance, Performance
and Senior Horses
Health inside and out. A nutritional edge.
Two things every horse owner wants for their
horse, and what Strategy® Healthy Edge®
horse feed is designed to deliver. Nutrition
that helps horses look amazing, feel great and
perform at their best.
Strategy® Healthy Edge® feed gives horses
age 2 and older the nutritional edge needed to
support nearly any lifestyle from recreation to
performance to retirement. The combination
of high quality pellets and extruded Amplify®
high-fat nuggets delivers a controlled starch
and sugar, higher fat and fiber formulation
with moderate calories and balanced nutrition.
Made with only high quality, wholesome
ingredients and extensively tested at the
Purina Animal Nutrition Center, Strategy®
Healthy Edge® horse feed is easy for horses to
digest and hard for them to resist.

Formulated with Outlast® Supplement for
Gastric Health and Proper pH
■ Strategy® Healthy Edge® contains the same unique gastric
support ingredients found in Outlast® supplement, which support
gastric balance to give you and your horse the confidence to perform

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