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Blue Seal Sentinel Care Carb Guard 50#

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Product Description


An equine solutions feed formulated with low starch and low sugar ingredients for adult horses where maintenance of digestive and metabolic health is a challenge. It is a nutritionally balanced, high-fat pellet formulated to contain a high level of fermentable fiber and an exceptionally low level of starch and sugar.





Features & Benefits


Low Starch and Sugar


Low starch and sugar diets are often recommended by veterinarians and nutritionists for horses with metabolic and digestive challenges.


Cool Calories


Cool calories from a blend of fat sources help to maintain body condition and performance.


Built-In Fiber


Built-in fiber helps to maintain healthy hind-gut fermentation while providing extra calories in a safe and natural form.


Vitamin E and Selenium


Vitamin E and selenium provide antioxidant benefits supporting immune health.


Nutritionally Balanced


Nutritionally balanced with optimum levels and ratios of nutrients help support and maintain overall health.

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