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Blue Seal Sentinel Care Equine Choice Topline 50#

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Product Description


An equine solutions ration balancer designed to provide protein, minerals and vitamins to balance forages or supplement feed for all classes of horses. This pelleted supplement can be fed alone with forage or as a top-dress with other feed products. Sentinel® Care™ Equine Choice® Topline 30 is ideal for horses not requiring extra calories from grain including easy keepers, ponies and miniatures. It is used to supplement horses fed below the suggested minimum of a feed product and to horses requiring additional amino acids, minerals and vitamins such as breeding and draft horses.





Features & Benefits


Concentrated Nutrition


A nutrient dense diet provides concentrated nutrition allowing for a reduced feeding rate which minimizes starch and sugar intake.


Topline Support


Essential amino acids are important for growth and rebuilding of muscle for optimal topline.


Immune Health


Vitamin E and selenium provide antioxidant benefits supporting immune health.


Healthy Skin and Hair Coat


Protein, vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and biologically available trace mineral complexes help maintain healthy skin, hair coat and hoof condition.


Stable Digestive Environment


Probiotics and prebiotics aid in maintaining digestive health and microbial fermentation for sustained nutrient digestibility, absorption and assimilation.

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