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Smartpot PVC Ready Raised Bed Garden Bed 48”x48”x18”

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Container Gardening for Small Outdoor Spaces and Balconies

The Smart Pot Urban Raised Bed is offered in our Natural fabric and comes PVC ready. The Urban Raised Bed supports 1″ PVC piping and fitting. (PVC is not included)

Durable and reusable, this raised bed can be installed just about anywhere, producing great flowers and healthy, high-yield vegetables.

Your raised bed garden assembles in minutes! This container is designed with sleeves for sliding 1-inch PVC pipe into. The structure is completed with 3-way 1-inch PVC fittings at each corner.

Our Urban Raised Bed Garden requires less labor, time, and money than traditional wooden raised beds. In addition, the durable fabric is weather-resistant and will last for many years.

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