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The Ridge Smokeless Fire Pit


  • EFFICIENT DESIGN – New patent pending design allows for incredibly efficient burns, achieving up to 1,400°F (760°C), which produces less smoke and embers.
  • CONSTRUCTION – Made with HEAVY-DUTY steel and coated in high temperature paint for a long life. REFINED design with an increased amount of durable welds to strengthen the grate
  • DUAL FUEL – Use either, or both, standard firewood pieces and/or wood pellets to generate a significant amount of heat.
  • COMPACT DESIGN – This fire pit nests together and fits into an included small carrying bag for easy transportation to your next adventure or backyard.
  • How it works

      1. Outside air is pulled into the bottom ring of holes on the burn chamber and moves through the hollow wall up to the inside ring of holes.
      1. The heated air is released through the inner ring of holes into the top of the burn chamber, infusing the fire with an extra boost of oxygen which improves the burn.
    1. The improved burn vaporizes wood particles, creating little to no smoke or embers.

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