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3D Truck Frame rendering with DirectDrive PTO System Installed.


DirectDrive Plus PTO systems have answered the difficulty of sufficient PTO power on Ford and RAM 4×4 trucks for over a decade. The patented PTO system was initially developed in 2012 for the fire truck market; however, it soon became apparent there were many other markets where the system could be used.

DirectDrive Plus PTO systems are used in many different vocational markets. In addition to the fire truck market, they are used to drive vacuum pumps on trucks servicing portable toilets, large hydraulic pumps on mobile drill rigs, garbage trucks, dewatering trucks, and litter-spreading trucks. In addition, the system is used to shaft drive generators, blowers, and underdeck air compressors, among other applications.

By routing the PTO shaft through and to the rear of the modified 4×4 transfer case, DirectDrive has made it possible for engineers to shaft drive body-installed accessories. In addition, DirectDrive Plus offers a PTO system with an SAE B Pump flange on the rear of the 4×4 transfer case where there is more space for bent axis, tandem, and variable displacement hydraulic pumps.

The warranty on our modified transfer case carries the same coverage as the OEM.

DirectDrive Plus enjoys answering questions and helping engineers design their PTO applications. DirectDrive personnel also have expertise in Ford SEIC and RAM PTO control systems. So please give us a call. When the phone rings we answer, no phone tree or recordings.

We are located in southeast Pennsylvania and ship our products throughout the United States and Canada. We have also sent our systems overseas.

Other Products by DirectDrive

DirectDrive Plus also provides other products to facilitate PTO applications, such as DEF tank relocation kits for Ford trucks and EVAP relocation kits for RAM trucks, SAE B pump mounting systems for Ford 4×2 trucks, and hand throttles for variable speed operation.

DirectDrive Plus has also developed a PTO shaft extension for the Ford F650 and F750 cab and chassis, making the PTO’s power more accessible.

Presently DirectDrive is developing a PTO-driven generator system with up to 20KW of capacity. We hope to have a package available for purchase by the end of 2024.

A new product coming to the market shortly is a module to adjust the speedometer calibration on Ford trucks when larger than OEM tires are installed. This product is called TRU-SPEED.