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What is DirectDrive?

Welcome to DirectDrive!
The ingenuity of our system lies in its novel solution. You will appreciate what DirectDrive is

Ford Truck underside with DirectDrive Plus 4x4 PTO system

Why Use DirectDrive?

Space Efficient

Space constraints with the left-hand PTO on 4×4 Ford trucks have long been a frustration for engineers and upfitters.  Our plug-and-play Transfer Case trade-out opens a world of possibilities with an extended PTO shaft design. In Summary, our technology is the perfect solution for your application.

Why Use DirectDrive?

Power Delivered

With the space restrictions solved, the only remaining power limit is the horsepower that a transmission or PTO can produce. Our patent design optimizes this power in a low-maintenance design that allows you to install as large a hydraulic pump, generator, air compressor, vacuum pump, or blower, as the transmission can handle.

Why Use DirectDrive?

Convenient & Painless Installation

We’ve been at this for over a decade and the consistent comment we get is how perfect & painlessly the components slipped into place. We’ve honed the process to perfection, with everything you need in one kit. From the ease of ordering to the way it’s packaged to the installation directions, it’s simple. Any mechanic with a skill set can install a kit in less than 4 hours*. When you are finished, simply return the OEM unit in the crate shipped in.

*Time varies with skill level and application details.

Why Use DirectDrive?

Custom Engineered to Ford & RAM

DirectDrive for Ford is called LiveDrive 4×4 Plus, and for RAM it’s called RAMDrive 4×4 Plus. Each product line is specifically designed to absolutely optimize the system it is installed in.

Why Use DirectDrive?

Because It Works!

Join hundreds of upfitters who have discovered our product. There is literally nothing like it on the market! It is quiet, intuitive, powerful, and also adaptable to almost any onboard power need. Any questions, we still pick up the phone and are glad to tell you about it.

Why Use DirectDrive?


Rest assured, you’re covered. The DirectDrive warranty is an exact match to the original factory warranty. You’ll basically never know the difference. In the rare case of a warranty claim event, we are committed to ensuring the process is as efficient and painless as possible, getting you back running in record time.