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Welcome to the world-class, RAMDrive 4x4 PTO solution for RAM trucks!

Air Compressor
Hydraulic Pump
Water Pump
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Beginning in 2017, RAM offered a left-hand PTO port on the 4×4 chassis cab trucks. The left-hand port is easier to access and opposite the exhaust system. The RAMDrive 4×4 PTO system with the shaft extended through the modified transfer case eliminates the space restriction and power capacity issues that limited PTO power. With space freedom and fully optimized power capacity, the sky is the limit on what you can engineer a RAM to do!

Specifically designed for 2013 and newer RAM trucks, RAMDrive gives you a shaft-drive Power Take-off system that fits RAM 4×2 trucks. You get maximum torque and horsepower for a wide range of accessories, including air compressors, generators (direct or hydraulic), large hydraulic pumps, winches, vacuum/blowers, fire pumps, etc.

A Ram-tough warranty.

All of our RAMDrive 4×4 PTO systems come with a 5-year, 100,000 Mile Warranty. It’s an exact match to the manufacturer’s warranty. Because if you have a problem, we will be on it in no time, to get you back up and running. We are absolutely committed to PTO solutions that make your life easier. We stand behind our products.

What options are available?

Available Configurations

RAM Transmission - RAMDrive 4x4 MK-SAE B-Pump-Mount

RAM 4×4 Transfer Case with SAE Pump Flange

RAM-Transmission-RAMDrive 4X4-Manual-Case-PTO 1.250" output

RAMDrive 4×4 PTO System 1.250″ Output Shaft


RAM 4×2 with 1.25″ Output Shaft

Three ways to power up your Ram!

Order and Install It Yourself

We ship kits direct. Detailed directions will guide the average mechanic through a painless process to a flawless installation in under 4 hours*

*Time varies with skill level and application details

Truck Equipment Dealer or Local RAM Dealer

Ram dealerships love RamDrive. We can ship direct to your dealership with the full kit they need to successfully complete the installation. Pops in like a dream. Pick it up at the curb, ready to roll.

RAM Factory-Direct Ship-Thru

If you’d like to custom-order your new RAM truck with RamDrive, you can! Our factory-direct ship-thru program, takes care of upfitting your new truck with RamDrive while it’s still in production. Delivered with RAMDrive installed, factory direct.