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Ford Factory-Direct Ship-Thru

LiveDrive 4x4 Ford-factory-direct-ship-thru-program

You’ll love the Ford Ship-Thru Program!

DirectDrive products ordered in Ford chassis cabs can be installed by Manning Equipment, an up-fitter located next to the Louisville, KY manufacturing plant.

How it Works

  1. The Ford dealer enters Ship-Thru divert code 31MD9E on the chassis order.
  2. Dealer (or upfitter) sends P.O. to Manning for PTO system.
  3. Chassis is diverted to Manning to have the PTO system installed.
  4. Manning bills dealer (or upfitter) for kit and installation.
  5. Manning returns chassis to the Ford plant and is shipped to the destination through regular channels.


12000 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40223

(800) 876-8768
Herb Garner (502)-523-1825
[email protected]