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Ford LiveDrive Plus 4x4 Environmental-mobile-drill-rig

Mobile Drilling Rig

Mobile Drill International prides itself on being able to provide products that meet our customers specific operational and geographic requirements. The Direct Drive setup allows our product team to offer an option that significantly changes the way our customers and end-users show up to site to work. The drilling operation always requires a significant amount of supporting supplies including tooling, water, bulk materials, etc. Our B-29 Drill provides customers with a compact solution that can be utilized in tight spaces and with the implementation of the Direct Drive setup this has opened up the deck to accommodate more of our customer’s on-site supplies.

Before Direct Drive, we needed to utilize an additional engine mounted on the bed of the truck. This engine added weight and occupied valuable space that can now be utilized for support equipment.

“The Direct Drive system saves weight, reduces cost, and adds versatility for deck mounted options.”

~Larry Orzeske