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Large Tires? Correct the Vehicle Speed


Limited Availability

TRU-SPEED corrects vehicle speed when larger or smaller tires are installed on a truck which are unsupported by the OEM.

Serious off-roading requires tires larger than those offered by the OEM truck builder. Larger tires often create problems for the truck’s electronic systems. On late-model trucks, the vehicle speed is calculated by the tire size and revolutions per minute. Various systems installed on the truck use the vehicle speed to determine performance parameters. An incorrect vehicle speed can alter the performance of the truck and, in addition, cause errors and dash warning lights. Also, the speedometer and odometer readings need to be corrected.

TRU-SPEED corrects the vehicle speed seen by all the systems on the truck, including the speedometer. The system is installed between the wheel speed sensors and the ABS module.

In the past, upfitters installed a small module behind the instrument cluster, which only corrected the indicated speed of the speedometer. TRU-SPEED, however, corrects the speed for all modules, providing a comprehensive solution for accurate vehicle speed readings. This makes TRU-SPEED a superior choice for truck owners seeking to correct speed discrepancies caused by tire size changes.

TRU-SPEED, a versatile solution, can be easily calibrated for a wide range of tire sizes, from smaller tires to larger off-road tires. This straightforward installation ensures truck owners can confidently use TRU-SPEED to correct speed discrepancies caused by tire size changes. Currently, it is available for the 2023 Ford SuperDuty, with plans for development on other medium-duty trucks