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20KW PMG Generator

Available Last Half of 2024

DirectDrive is introducing a game-changing 20KW generator for the medium-duty truck market. The permanent magnet generator offers a compact design that doesn’t compromise performance. Unlike traditional generators, it’s not sensitive to speed variation, making it a reliable choice for medium-duty trucks.

The innovative 20KW generator drive system is designed to operate at a very low engine speed, resulting in significant fuel savings. This benefits your bottom line and contributes to a greener environment. The low engine speed also translates into reduced noise, a benefit on the job site.

The generator mounts directly to the rear of the transfer case on four-wheel drive trucks. This eliminates generator mounting brackets and drive shafts and the need to relocate under truck chassis components.

The 20KW generator assembly is shipped as one kit with all the needed components and installs in the truck without modifying the chassis.

Possible applications include charging stranded EVs, emergency electrical backup, job site night lighting, testing equipment, RV power, fire rescue trucks, mobile communication, document shredding, and environmental testing equipment.