Fire and Rescue Vehicle Manufacturer

Marco is a manufacturer of top-grade emergency vehicles. We provide all aspects of apparatus manufacturing including design, fabricating, painting, assembly, graphics and equipment mounting in our Honey Brook PA facility. We provide a wide variety of units from the standard to the unusual so contact us or one of our dealers to see what Marco can build for you. 

3D Cad System

The Marco Three-Dimensional Computer Aided Design (3D CAD) system offers nearly unlimited customization and a highly efficient design that maximizes space and serviceability. The entire apparatus including chassis, apparatus body, plumbing, electrical wiring, lights, etc is assembled virtually in a 3D model before construction is begun.
Marco apparatus are constructed using an innovative “tab and slot” system where the tab in one panel is inserted into a slot in the adjacent panel. This insures that the panels are assembled exactly as designed without the need for jigs.

Paint & Graphics

Marco has its own full-service preparation and paint facility. Marco uses PPG branded paint and follows the strict preparation and application protocols specified by PPG. By following this stringent protocol, PPG will warrant the paint against corrosion, discoloration, or loss of gloss for a period of seven years, without being prorated. From the initial sanding to the final polishing, no detail is overlooked in providing a beautiful finish. Marco’s graphics department is equipped to design and install striping, lettering, and custom graphics to match your department’s fleet. We stock a wide color variety of 3M vinyl in Schotchlite reflective and Schotchcal nonreflective. We also stock a variety of genuine gold-leaf products. 

Tool Mounting

Everything is in its place, secured and ready to go when you are. Our techs are experts in designing and fabricating brackets to keep your equipment accessible. The same 3D CAD models used to build the body are used to lay out “virtual” equipment in the compartment and to design the custom brackets needed. 
Marco also stocks a wide selection of hooks, straps, clamps and specialized mounts for securing loose equipment. 

Direct Drive

As the developer of the patented DirectDrive PLUS PTO concept, Marco’s driveline expertise ensures that our apparatus run smoothly, quietly and cost effectively. The DirectDrive PLUS system will operate fire pumps up to 500 GPM @ 150 PSI and generators up to 25 KW. The PTO system is quieter and takes up significantly less space and weight than conventional engine-driven pumps or generators. The PTO system eliminates the issues associated with operating a second engine and maintaining its fuel storage. PTO fire pumps engage smoothly with the flip of a switch and can be controlled with conventional electronic pressure governors.


Marco opened its doors in 2004 by repairing and refurbishing fire apparatus. From scratch and dent repair to complete body-off frame refurbishments, we will help you keep your apparatus in top condition. We have authorization from large chassis and apparatus manufacturers to perform collision and warranty repairs on their apparatus. Our paint facility is experienced at corrosion and rust repairs with a focus on long term resolution.