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Brush Trucks

Marco “Flatbed” apparatus are built of independent components attached to a flatbed base. These units are rugged and provide excellent ground clearance and lower total weight for off-road applications. These trucks can get you and equipment off the beaten path with safety and efficiency.

Brush Truck


  • Pump & Roll capabilities with our DirectDrive PLUS system

  • Up to 500 gpm @ 150 psi PTO pump ratings 

  • Stainless steel plumbing with rear pump panel 

  • Poly water tanks up to 500 gallons 

  • Full hosebed with adjustable dividers 

  • All aluminum body construction 
  • Transverse L1/R1 front compartment 

  • Choice of swing or roll-up doors  

  • Custom fabricated console 

  • Weldon multiplex electrical systems 

  • NFPA 1906 compliance