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Marco Equipment began with Duane Martin working with his family at Four Way Auto sales. In 1996, He rebuilt and refurbished his first fire truck after it had been damaged in an accident. Seeing an opportunity Duane bought more trucks of various types and rebuilt them using common sense and ingenuity.

In 2004 Duane built his own building and with it expanded the business to include his sons and several other employees. Marco saw many different units from large and small builders alike and sought to bring together the best aspects of what they worked on while avoiding the weaknesses. They also added some great engineering ideas of their own.

After rebuilding or repairing dozens of fire trucks for both fire companies and fire truck dealers the next step was to develop his own unique line of fire truck body and pump systems.

Today the commitment to quality and hands on personal service has set Marco apart from the cookie cutter assembly line fire truck manufacturer. If you are ready to work directly with a high quality versatile group of people give them a call.