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Attack Trucks

Marco “Attack” apparatus feature conventional aluminum fire bodies with an extruded aluminum subframe. These units maximize compartment space and can be fully customized to meet your unique requirements. These trucks can get you and a full complement of equipment to the scene in style.

Attack Truck


  • Pump & Roll capabilities with our DirectDrive PLUS system

  • Up to 500 gpm, PTO 

  • Up to 1250 gpm, Midship 

  • Stainless steel plumbing 

  • Poly water tanks up to 400 gallons 

  • Full hosebed with adjustable dividers 

  • Transverse L1/R1 front compartment
  • Choice of swing or roll-up doors 

  • Body-integral fender panels and wheel liners 

  • Custom fabricated console 

  • Weldon multiplex electrical systems 

  • NFPA 1906 or NFPA 1901 compliance 

  • Full hosebed with adjustable dividers 

  • Non-prorated 7-year paint warranty