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Timber Ridge Equipment Service truck

Who is Timber Ridge Equipment?

Timber Ridge Equipment is family-owned and operated and based in Ephrata, PA. Tim and Marelda Martin and their family work alongside their team of motivated and skilled mechanics and technicians.

The Timber Ridge story is one of meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles through innovation and hard work. When Tim’s dad was laid off in the early 1970s, he mowed grass, trimmed trees, and did landscaping. In 1975, he began making mulch for his landscape business.

The Timber Ridge story is one of innovation. Tim grew up running wood processing machinery. He quickly learned not only how to run the machinery but how to innovate his own solutions to challenging equipment problems. For Tim, mulch production increasingly became a testing ground for his equipment and for innovating machinery for the wood processing industry. In 2005 the Martin family decided to diversify their mulch company to make equipment services available to help other wood processors.

The Timber Ridge story is one of serving others. “Dad was big on helping people,” says Tim. “His goal was not to sell. His goal was to solve problems.” The family continues this rich legacy by serving customers in the “daily grind.”