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Mobile Trommel Screen - Outstanding Screening Performance for almost all Applications

If you are looking for a machine that screens two different fractions, or you need flexibility in controling the type of feedstock, the T 50 mobile Trommel Screen offers you the versatile performance you need.

With its high level of technical equipment, the T 50 can be used for almost all types of materials. Whether you have compost, mulch, soil, MSW, wood or metal, the TERRA SELECT trommel screen allows you to easily separate fines and overs. 


Large drum diameter for higher screening capacity

Usually, trommel screens with a drum length of 15 ft. have a 6 ft. diameter. The TERRA SELECT T 50 has a 6.5 ft. diameter drum that increases the screening performance by as much as 20%. This powers production of up to 200 cubic yards per hour.

The feeding hopper has been designed to match the screening capacity of the mobile Trommel Screen. It has a capacity of more than 8 cu. yd. and ensures easy feeding from a shredder or a wheel loader.


Extra-long fines conveyor belt

A unique feature of the T 50 is the optional, extra-long fines conveyor belt. Available at a length of 26.5 ft, this conveyor belt can increase the fine material pile by up to 80% compared to conventional conveyor belts. The fines pile is positioned at a greater distance from the machine making it easier to move by wheel loader.

Other key features of the T 50 Trommel Screening Machine include the smooth and quiet-running diesel engine, the extra-wide conveyor belts, and the single-piece conveyor belt for fine material. 

The TERRA SELECT T 50 Trommel Screen can also be customized to individual demands. Options include a magnetic head pulley, a radio remote control, or an attached air separator unit.

TERRA SELECT T50, T60 & T70 engine view


  • Trommel Screen for compost, mulch, soil, wood, MSW, metal, and more 
  • Unique features: Optional 26.5 ft. long fines conveyor
  • Single-piece conveyor belt for fine material 
  • Drum diameter of 6.5 ft.
  • Screening capacity of up to 200 cubic yards per hour
  • Feeding hopper with a volume of more than 8 cu. yd.
  • Quiet and smooth running Caterpillar diesel engine 

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If you would like to know more about the TERRA SELECT T 50, get in touch. To learn more about screening and separation machines, visit the TERRA SELECT product overview webpage.