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Chameleon Colorant Systems

color machine coloring mulch

Mulch Coloring Machines

Our own Chameleon Colorant Systems, developed in conjunction with CMC, deliver consistent mulch coloring solutions for your mulch operation. Chameleon pumps and mulch coloring kits integrate with your existing wood shredder or trommel screener. Looking for a complete mulch coloring upgrade? A Chameleon coloring machine colors mulch in one highly capable unit.

Reliable colorant pumps for consistent mulch dye application

All of our pumps are designed with an in-line static mixer designed for optimal mixing of the colorant with water prior to coating the mulch. They are offered in three different sizes that can pump 0.15 to 6.8 gallons per minute. Each pump can be integrated with your current system or with the Chameleon Colorant system giving you a full turnkey processing system for dying your mulch.
  • Durable Peristaltic Pumps
  • Self-Priming with up to 30’ of Suction Lift Capability
  • Glycol-Lubricated, Natural Rubber Hose for All-Season/All-Weather Performance
  • Washdown-Duty Variable Speed Controllers
  • Checks Valves on Inlets to Prevent Colorant Back-Flow into Water Source
  • Reversible Operation for Easy Clog Removal
  • All Pumps Include a Turbulent Inline Mixer for Proper Colorant

Mulch Coloring Kits

Integrate reliable mulch coloring with your current wood processing system Mulch coloring kits enable you to color mulch in your trommel or grinder.
Kits include:
  • Injection nozzles
  • Plumbing
  • Pump and controls

Chameleon Mulch Coloring Machine

The chameleon is designed as a self-contained mulch coloring machine, with optional hydraulic-fold hopper sides available. It is remote controlled with specially designed screens and a 4-wheel drum. The Chameleon is completely portable, making mulch production quicker and more efficient. The largest machine can produce over 400 yards of colored mulch per hour.
Newly designed machines coming soon.