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Ford 4×2 Shaft Extension with SAE Pump Flange

Many upfitters are familiar with the direct-mated PTO hydraulic pump used on larger trucks. Space constraints inherent in the class 3-5 trucks do not allow for pumps larger than those provided by the PTO manufacturer. DirectDrive developed an SAE “B” pump mount for 4X2 Ford trucks. This allows upfitters to choose the pump best suited to their particular application without requiring custom brackets or shafts.

Product Specifications

  • ROTATION: Opposite Engine (Clockwise)
  • SHAFT: 7/8″ 13T Spline
  • FLANGE: SAE B, Indexable 30°
  • PTO: MUNCIE – F20-F13 12 XX 5 1X XX
  • PTO: CHELSEA – 210 F M MF P-X 2 SD

What's in the Kit?

  • Mounting Brackets
  • Shafts
  • U-Joint
  • Mounting Flanges & Fasteners
  • Installation Manual