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Ford Super Duty 10R149 Transmission Shaft Output

Ford 4×4 Transfer Case with 1.25″ Output Shaft

The LiveDrive 4X4 Plus PTO System solves the space constraints experienced with the left-hand PTO on the 4×4 FORD trucks. By modifying the 4X4 Transfer Case and extending the PTO shaft through to the rear of the case, upfitters can easily shaft drive generators, air compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers, and other powered equipment. Applications include Ford Super-Duty F250, F350, F450, F550, and the F600. Model years from 2012 to 2024

Product Specifications

  • ROTATION: Opposite Engine (Clockwise)
  • SHAFT: 1.250″ Diameter with .312″ Key
  • PTO: MUNCIE – F20-F13 12 XX 5 1X XX
  • PTO: CHELSEA – 210 F M MF P-X 2 SD

What's in the Kit?

  • Modified Transfer Case
  • Shafts, Flanges and Fasteners
  • Installation Manual
  • Re-usable Crate/Packaging for Core Return

PDF Resources

LiveDrive Plus 4x4 LDP-17A-or-17C-Parts-Illustration

LDP 17A or 17C – Parts Illustration

LiveDrive Plus 4x4 LDP-20X-B-Dimensional-Drawing

LDP 20X-B – Dimensional Drawing

LiveDrive Plus 4x4 LDP-20X-B-Muncie-F20-1_250-Parts-Illustration

LDP 20X-B Muncie F20-1_250 – Parts Illustration

LiveDrive Plus 4x4 -2020-Transfer-Case-Removal_Installation-Manual

LiveDrive 2020 Transfer Case Removal – Installation Manual

LiveDrive Plus 4x4 Warranty-Statement-LiveDrive-Plus-4-14-2021

Warranty Statement – LiveDrive Plus (4/14/2021)

Muncie F20 10 bolt PTO installation guide

Ford 10 Speed PTO – Muncie F20 – Installation – Electrical – Parts – Rebuild